We have never needed remote management more than we do today! But are you making the most of the self-service tools available to you?

To support you during this unprecedented time, we would like to offer our DAS customers free analysis of your self-service portals, so you can ensure you are using your system to the max, and thereby protecting your team as effectively as possible.

Below are a list of relevant features in DAS. If you would like any of these enabled and this is something you are unable to do yourself, please contact our system support team who will be happy to activate them as part of your maintenance agreement.

Information at login

Useful for circulating general notices which are not post-login sensitive, such as government updates and any public-facing changes.


This screen is for displaying post log-in messages to employees, such as shift changes. it defaults to displaying the current users today’s duty and rota details.

Depot Notices

This screen is where end users access any documents the depot would like them to see, e.g. diversions, letters, maps, notices etc. PowerPoints, Word documents, videos and health advice can be shared in this way.

Leave Entitlement

Users can view holiday / leave information to check any home schooling or childcare needs.

Absence Request

Users can view and request absences to manage any healthcare needs.

Duty Swap

Enables employees to swap shifts to suit changing needs. All swaps can be vetted by supervisory staff.